Data Base Common

Committee of the platform: Bibiana Cabrera (Gridsam coordinator), Javier Meana (platforms coordinator), Celso Arango, Benedicto Crespo-Facorro, Elisabeth Vilella, Rafael Tabarés.

The Platform for withdrawal of information, GRIDSAM has been developed by the Group of Grid y Computación de Altas Prestaciones (GRyCAP) of the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia, with the clinical coordination of the group G23 (IP J. Sanjuan, University of Valencia). The aim of the Database Platform is to have a system of withdrawal and dynamic storage of information so much demographic, clinical, genetic (DNA Platform) as of neuroimagen (Image Platform).

This tool can be to use for realizing any project or simply as source of storage of information, (both transverse and longitudinal).  The GRIDSAM has a fundamental paper in the collaborative projects in those who inform many groups with a great number of variables. Also it has been and to be a key in the participation of the CIBERSAM in international consortium.

The system realizes an on-line update of the information introduced with sure keys and anonymous process of access. The GRIDSAM allows to do also an immediate analysis of the quality of the information and of the recruitment of every center in a specific project. At any time with the pertinent authorizations it is possible to do an overturned specific of a part of the database, crossing information of cases or variables of diverse projects.

In the current moment the system has more than 25.000 cases and near 90.000 information of scales. Of all these cases in 10.000 subjects one possesses also information of the bank of DNA.