Platform Committee: Manuel Desco (coordinator), Joost Janssen, Raymond Salvador, Javier Meana,Susana Carmona, Carles Soriano,Gisela Sugranyes, Gracián García, Christian Stephan Otto and Diana Tordesillas.

The CIBERSAM Neuroimaging Platform is a service for storing, organising and sharing images and associated metadata from neuroimaging studies. The service uses the specialised XNAT software tool (, which has been customised to meet the needs of CIBERSAM researchers and is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ireland region. The platform also provides an application to facilitate the upload and download of images. Regarding uploading, the application includes functionalities for pseudonymisation and disassociation of stored data. With regard to downloading, the application facilitates the search for stored images. Furthermore, thanks to the creation of users with different permissions to access the data, the platform allows the sharing of stored data between researchers in a simple, secure and European Data Protection Regulation (EDPR) compliant way.

The main objective of the CIBERSAM Neuroimaging Platform is to provide a practical and secure storage for the images and associated metadata of the different CIBERSAM groups and likewise to facilitate collaboration between groups when sharing images and carrying out multicentre studies. On the other hand, the use of the Neuroimaging Platform is intended to make it easier for CIBERSAM researchers to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), avoiding the problems that may arise from storing images on external devices (CDs or USBs) or sending data through unsecured web servers that do not comply with the GDPR. In addition, the use of the Neuroimaging Platform avoids users having to create their own image repository with the consequent maintenance (backups, repairs, security, etc.) and data protection needs.

Criteria for using the platform

The Neuroimaging Platform is a resource offered by CIBERSAM to its researchers. The use of the platform for uploading and storing data is limited to researchers from CIBERSAM research groups and related research groups. The main steps for its use are described below.

  1. Creation of centre/group:

    Fill in the centre creation form. Once correctly completed, the principal investigator (PI) will receive a PDF document in the e-mail indicated on the form. This PDF must be electronically signed by the PI and sent to

  2. Creation of a new project:

    The applicant researcher must fill in the "new project" creation form. Then, he/she must electronically sign the PDF that he/she will receive in his/her mail and send it to Once the certification has been obtained, the project will be created on the platform.

    Once a site and a project have been created, links to download the upload and download software will be sent. This software is currently available for Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), MacOS and Windows.

If you have any questions, please contact: or Manuel Desco (, coordinator of the Neuroimaging platform committee.