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Information for Patients and Relatives

One priority aim of the CIBER de Salud Mental is for the research that we do to reach people with mental illness and their families as soon as possible. Many of the clinical-healthcare research projects carried out by this CIBER have already materialised in care and therapeutic improvements which those with mental disorders in this country and all over the world are benefitting from. An essential part of our work, particularly as regards the aetiological foundations of mental disorder or the search for new treatments, will nevertheless take years or even decades to be able to reach the patient’s bedside.

In order to attempt to get closer to the patients and relatives of those with mental disorders, in 2015 the CIBERSAM decided to implement a number of resources on its web page with the aim of providing the general public with current and reliable information on the latest findings in the main mental diseases, their diagnosis and treatment. On the selected web pages patients and families can gain access to current and reliable information selected by reference authors in each of the different pathologies or age segments.