Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

4. Training and Mobility Programme

Coordinator: Dra. Esther Berrocoso, Universidad de Cádiz.

A Training Programme seeking to become a benchmark in the training on Mental Health in this country has been implemented right since CIBERSAM was set up. This Programme has the basic aim of facilitating access for young researchers to new scientific knowledge in the area and generating a research culture, fostering the healthcare-research binomial.

The backbone of this Programme is the development of a Master on Initiation into Research in Mental Health, which is now in its second edition. This Master is an interuniversity scheme between the Complutense, Barcelona, Autónoma de Barcelona, Cádiz and Cantabria universities, and is coordinated by the last of these. 11 CIBERSAM groups officially take part in its teaching work and practically all the others in a more indirect manner.

Along with the Master, the Programme considers the possibility of financing attendance at other courses connected with the different areas of work, preferably the ones offered by the CIBERSAM itself or international courses.

The Programme also finances research stays at other Units of the CIBERSAM, at other CIBERs, or abroad. These stays are meant mostly for trainee researchers, in order to encourage the exchange of researchers between groups, and traineeships at particularly significant external laboratories or hospitals.