Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

2. Quality and Internal Assessment Programme

Coordinator: Lourdes Fañanás Saura. Universidad de Barcelona.

The Quality Area is in charge of implementing quality policies at the CIBERSAM as well as coordinating improvement actions identified as part of our continuous quality improvement.

The Quality Area of the CIBERSAM has developed an ambitious Quality Plan with measurable markers from which jointly agreed areas for improvement can be identified.

The CIBERSAM has a Good Research Practice Code which is adopted by all its researchers. Compliance with a code of good scientific practice means maintaining ethical principles and legal requirements, in accordance with international ethical rules for research laid down in the Helsinki Declaration (obtaining informed consent, the detailed valuation of the risk/benefit ratio of the study and impartiality in the selection and follow-up of those participating in the study), essential elements in any research work seeking to expand scientific knowledge in a framework of credibility and respect by society.

The CIBERSAM has also incorporated an operating protocol based on national and international ethical norms for handling and transporting biological samples between CIBERSAM laboratories (of both experimental animals or experiments with cells, and from patients or controls), which at all times guarantees the quality and stability of the samples in its care and the data associated with these.

The Management Committee, the Scientific Committee, the coordinators and heads of areas, lines and/or projects oversee compliance of the objectives and ensure that the scientific methods have the right quality attributes.