Psychosomatic, Anxiety and Impulse Control disorders

The programme of psychosomatic, anxiety and impulse control disorders is focused on epidemiological, clinical and basic research into a wide range of mental disorders and conditions which have a major impact on people’s mental health and psychological wellbeing. Research is done into ageing and dementias, pain, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, personality disorders, suicidal behaviour. Support for this group of research is useful for understanding and assisting treatment and prevention of the aforementioned diseases.

What types of studies are carried out in this programme? The studies on the aforementioned diseases are highly varied and include genetic, biochemical, clinical, therapeutic and epidemiological aspects. Some examples of the work done in this programme are learning the factors connected with suicidal conducts, which may help to identify and prevent these, the brain circuits connected with obsessive-compulsive disorder, biochemical mechanisms related with pain, the risk of evolution into dementia during ageing, or the prevalence of mental disorders and their impact on people’s functioning.

Lines of research

  • Ageing and specifically healthy ageing.
  • Inflammation with regard to stress and anxiety disorders.
  • Longitudinal epidemiological studies and risk factors in medical populations.
  • Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive disorder.
  • Neurobiological and psycho-social aspects of pain.


Main ResearcherConsortium InstitutionRegionsDetails
Juan Antonio Micó Segura Universidad de Cádiz. Facultad de Medicina Andalucía View group
Jorge A Cervilla Ballesteros Universidad de Granada. Facultad de Medicina Andalucía View group
Jerónimo Sáiz Ruiz Hospital Ramón y Cajal Madrid View group
Tomás Palomo Álvarez Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre Madrid View group
Jose Manuel Menchón Magriña Hospital Universitario de Bellvitge Cataluña View group
Víctor Pérez Sola Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau Cataluña View group
Josep María Haro Abad Fundación Sant Joan de Deu Cataluña View group
Juan Carlos Leza Cerro U.C.M. Facultad de Medicina Madrid View group