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Welcome from the Scientific Director

Many thanks for visiting the web page of the CIBER of Mental Health (CIBERSAM). If you have come as far as this page I should also congratulate you for your interest and curiosity for one of the most exciting challenges for the biomedicine of the future: finding out more about how the most complex organ in the body works and integrating this with what makes us human and bears relation to our emotions, feelings, thoughts, perceptions …

This Centre has the main objective of carrying out excellence research helping to prevent mental disorders and thus provide a better quality of life for the general population as well as better treatments for those with some kind of mental disorder. At the CIBERSAM we seek synergy between ground-breaking groups in research nationwide giving priority to innovation, participation in international consortiums and transfer to the clinical sphere of any findings in research made. Prevalence (one person in every four), incapacity (more years of life and years of work are lost through mental disorders than any other pathology) and cost (over 450 billion euros a year in Europe attributable to mental disorders) with regard to the money spent on research in this area mean this comes forward as an area with great room for improvement. The CIBERSAM intends to palliate this unmet need as far as possible.

This page should be used for experts and the population in general to get to know the work being done in mental health by the main groups in the country. It covers everything from descriptions of the main clinical programmes, existing platforms, training activities, the work pool or how to cooperate with the research being done.

I and all those working at the CIBERSAM are at your service.

Yours truly,

Dr. Ana Gonzalez-Pinto
Scientific Director of the CIBERSAM