Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Mission and Objectives

Our mission consists in providing answers and solutions to enable mental illnesses to be treated, as a way to improve citizens’ quality of life.

At the CIBERSAM we share and promote the following values:

Ethics and professionalism

Ethical principles, honesty at work and compliance with a code of good scientific practice are vital parts of our work. The CIBERSAM acts in line with its own code of Good Research Practice and all the research done with patients is approved by the ethics committees of the centres where this is carried out and conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki.

Recruiting and retaining: the importance of people

At the CIBERSAM we have a sense of responsibility as regards the training of young and senior professionals. We seek to recruit the best groups and contributors for our institution, to recognize talent and offer opportunities for training and development.

Innovation, competitiveness and excellence

At the CIBERSAM we want whatever we research into to be turned into original knowledge which produces improvements in clinical practice and thus in the mental health of our society and our citizens. In the management area, we optimise our processes and procedures and give a response to the groups’ needs. We are unassuming and curious, with a will to learn and teach. We are constructively dissatisfied and value healthy competitiveness, pursuing excellence and results.


We are aware of the limitations of resources and of the present economic situation. This makes us optimize the use of our resources, seeking the maximum return on the investments made.