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Master in Initiation to Research and Mental Health


The Master on Initiation in Research into Mental Health is an official and blended, partly classroom programme, arranged by research groups belonging to five Spanish universities (Universidad de Cantabria, Complutense de Madrid, Autónoma de Barcelona, Barcelona and Cádiz) seeking to train researchers in mental health in both basic and clinical aspects, to increase innovation and translational research in psychiatry and neurosciences. The contents cover genetic, physiopathological and environmental factors of mental illnesses, conveyed in a very specialised way and considering everything from the formulation of hypotheses to the design of the studies, the most relevant statistical analysis for each health problem, the drafting of research procedures, their ethical implications and the publication of results.

Learner profile

It is intended for five and four-year course graduates and diploma holders in medicine, psychology, biology, pharmacy, nursing, vocational therapy and biomedical sciences in general with an interest for mental health.

Professional outlets

The Master is oriented towards initiation in research into mental health, which is why its main opening is the performance of the doctorate and research. Those qualified may join companies with a biotechnological base, pharmaceutical laboratories or biomedical research institutes, as well as public health systems. Completion of the doctorate opens the academic door to teaching in mental health, as well as the strictly research-based channel.


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