Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Appendix 1. Training given: Courses

Group 1: Priority

Courses 1A.Arranged and/or financed by CIBERSAM as such.

  • Sessions on Neurological Tissue Banks and Mental Health, Barcelona, coordinated by Dr Josep Mª Haro (G11)
  • Course on Validation of questionnaires, associated with the CIBERSAM Instruments Bank, coordinated by Dr Josep Mª Haro (G11)
  • Intensive course on Introduction to basic research on Neurosciences, coordinated by Dr Lourdes Fañanas (G8) Ideas Laboratory, coordinated by Drs Leza (G12), Tabares (G24) and Fañanas (G8).

Courses 1B. Given by the CIBERSAM groups.

Group 1:

  • Course: Updating in Child-Juvenile Psychiatry *
  • Course: Group psycho-educational treatment for adolescents with early-onset psychosis and their relatives

Group 3:

  • Course: STATA workshop for introductory analysis on epidemiological data
  • Course: Training course in psychiatric interviews with the CIDI

Group 4:

  • Course: Pharmacogenetics applied to mental conditions and their treatment

Group 6:

  • Course: Genetic-Environmental studies in Psychiatry
  • Course: Multi-variant analysis for researchers into mental health

Group 8:

  • Course: Genes-environment study (as part of the Master in Human Biology of the UB)

Group 10:

  • Course: Updates in Psychiatry

Group 11:

  • Course: Instrument Validation Course

Group 12:

  • Course: Research into the pharmacology of diseases associated with brain damage (as part of the Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences of the UCM)
  • Course: Pharmacology (as part of the Master in Psychopharmacology and Drugs of Abuse, UCM)

Group 16:

  • Course: Neuropsychopharmacology* (as part of the Official Pharmacology Postgraduate Master Course, UPV/EHU)
  • Course: Clinical Trial *  (as part of the Official Pharmacology Postgraduate Master Course UPV/EHU)

Group 18:

  • Course: Animal models of mental pathology

Group 19:

  • Course: Addictive disorders: aetiology, clinic, treatment and psychiatric co-morbidity (as part of the Doctorate Programme of the UCM)
  • Course: Schizophrenia (as part of the Doctorate Programme of the UCM)
  • Course: Updating in Alcoholism
  • Course: Biological treatments in resistant psychiatric pathology: orientations based on clinical evidence

Group 20:

  • Course: Receptors for Neurotransmitters* (as part of the Master and Postgraduate course in Pain Studies UC)

Group 21:

  • Course: Methodology for research into emotional disorders
  • Course: Methodology for research into psychotic disorders
  • Course: Evaluation and treatment of borderline personality disorder

Courses 1C. Not available in the CIBERSAM range but valued as being of high general interest for this.

The different courses/subjects included in the Master in research into "Research Methodology: Design and Statistics in Health Sciences", Universidad de Barcelona.

Group 2. Other courses of possible interest

For purposes of what is laid down in the financing rules (see 4), "courses of interest" are considered to be the ones given in Spain referring solely to the following subjects:

  • Statistics applied to Medicine, analysis of data and use of specific software
  • Research Methodology
  • Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM)
  • FSL and FreeSurfer
  • Validated courses in handling experimental animals (levels B and C)
  • Courses for operators or supervisors in Radioactive Installation
  • Courses connected with cognitive therapy.

Courses and stays abroad will also be considered within this category. In both cases, these courses will require certifiably vouching for the following, as well as the usual authorisation:

  • Proper institutional accreditation, as appraised by the Head of Training
  • Their training interest, as appraised by the Head of Training