Appendix 2. Training available

Group 1:

  • Comprehensive medical care for the autism spectrum disorder
  • First early onset psychiatric episodes

Group 4:

  • Monitoring physical health in schizophrenia
  • Therapeutic resistance, clinical and neuropsychological evaluation
  • Evaluation in early onset schizophrenia
  • Neuroimaging

Group 7:

  • Obtaining structural and functional images in MR, CT, PET equipment in systems for humans and small animals
  • Handling experimental animals to use neuroimaging techniques
  • Basic knowledge on image processing tools:
  • Processing DTI images
  • Processing spectroscopic images
  • Processing PET images

Group 10:

  • Training in intermediate hospitalisation units

Group 11:

  • Epidemiology of mental disorders
  • Gender differences in mental disorders

Group 12:

  • Neurochemistry of inflammatory processes in animal models
  • New pharmacological targets: evaluation in in vitro models: single-strain or mixed primary cultures
  • New pharmacological targets: evaluation in in vitro models: stress, EAE, inflammatory bowel disease

Group 16:

  • Neurochemistry in emotional and psychotic disorders (post mortem human brain)
  • Psychotropic drugs action mechanisms. Evaluation in in vivo animal models
  • Systematic forecasting and meta-analysis. Psychometric designs and analysis
  • Meta-analysis of clinical trials with data of individual patients

Group 19:

  • Basic genetics
  • Refractory psychosis
  • Neuropsychology

Group 20:

  • Valuation of receptors and signal transduction mechanisms in the human brain
  • Valuation of neurochemical and neuroplastic cell changes in animal models: treatment with anti-depressive drugs

Group 21:

  • Day-care Hospital for Threshold Personality Disorder (TPD): handling and control of patients
  • Refractory depression: tackling and handling patients

Group 26:

  • Application of brain imaging techniques in research into psychoses
  • Development and management of a clinical-research programme into early phases of mental diseases